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The Twenty One Coffee travel packs are perfect for any traveling coffee enthusiast. Whether you're staying in a hotel, camping, bike packing or staying with friends the individual packs make the perfect addition to your "never leave home without it" kit.

Each bag contains 60 grams of whole beans, giving you at least two solid coffees from each bag and a few grams to push through the grinder to ensure optimum freshness and flavour. (Hey! we don't mess around when it comes to quality.)

Choose between 3 or 5 bags per pack.

Our house blend coffee is a multi coffee bean blend comprised of the following:
- Brazil: Dark chocolate, hazelnuts
- Colombia: Big body, apple acidity, sugar cane
- Tanzania: Tart acidity, dark chocolate, spice
- Honduras: Caramel sweetness

Combined Notes:
Full bodied, dark chocolate, caramel, spicy

All Twenty One Coffee is carefully roasted in Sydney, Australia using only 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced ethically from single estates and small farmer communities.