21 - Filter Travel Kit
21 - Filter Travel Kit
21 - Filter Travel Kit
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21 - Filter Travel Kit

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The Twenty One Filter Travel Kit has been specifically designed for those of you that like to take your coffee kit with you, wherever you go. Now you can keep your apparatus with you whether you're skipping town for the weekend or you're scheming that cheeky coffee break at work. Mix and match your apparatus based on your need.

Our Filter Travel Kit includes:
- Porlex Hand Grinder
- AeroPress & Filters
- Digital scale
- Beans

The entire case is padded for protection creating a durable and reliable product. Suitable hand grinders include most popular brands i.e. Porlex Mini, Porlex Tall, Comandante and Hario. The internal dividers enhance protection and provide organisation for your gear. They can, however, be removed entirely if that suits you better. For those travelling with flat pack pour over type filters, make use of the custom designed pocket in the lid which comfortably holds upwards of 30 filters.

The Twenty One Filter Travel Kit is crafted to make it especially simple for you to pack and store your coffee equipment. Slide it into your backpack or tote bag, just as easily as your carry on suitcase and never be without your high quality coffee again.