Coffee Shuffle @ Paramount Coffee Project

Coffee Shuffle @ Paramount Coffee Project

Shuffle is a coffee swap for roasters. Born of the idea that comparing coffee and roast styles is an interesting and educational exercise for roasters. Shuffle sets out to make this possible on a regular basis. Roasters swap coffees each month.

Each month, an origin, variety or other category is designated for the round. Roasters send in a coffee matching this designation and receive back a maximum of 15 samples. Roasters are then invited to a cupping session by Shuffle on Cropster Cup. Roasters use the Cropster Cup app to assess the coffees. The results for each individual coffee are sent back to the respective roaster. Roasters involved in the report are kept anonymous. Lastly, the roasters, the coffees and their origin are then revealed, unless the roaster has opted to stay anonymous.

We joined the last Shuffle session, held at Paramount Coffee Project. There was a great turn out, almost too many people and there were a great variety of coffees to cup, 14 in total, from memory. It was an Australian vs USA showdown and I'm happy to report the Aussies won ;)

If you want to find out more, head over to the Coffee Shuffle website.

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